(updated 26 Sep 2022)

For media industry – 29 August 2022

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce updated on 24 August 2022 that there will be further easing of community Safe Management Measures (SMMs), from 29 August 2022 onwards. Vaccination-differentiated SMMs (VDS) will be removed for most settings. Please refer to MOH’s latest press release, https://www.moh.gov.sg/news-highlights/details/emerging-safer-and-stronger-together, and MOM’s latest advisories here: https://www.mom.gov.sg/covid-19.

All activities are subject to the Five Core Parameters (per Annex A of the press release above), including mask-wearing required on public transport1, within healthcare or residential care settings2.

For business entities that are involved in content production, please take note of the following Content Production SMMs which would affect filming:

  1. Personnel:
    • All personnel should comprise only talent/performers (i.e. cast), crew, and staff
    • No on-site audiences should be present on location; production areas should be cordoned off with clear signage where members of the public may be passing by
    • Number of personnel onsite is subject to the filming venue or location owners’ permission and guidelines
  1. Mask-wearing:
    • Only onscreen talent/performers may unmask in masked-on settings on public transport and within healthcare or residential care settings for the purpose of content production when necessary and subject to the guidelines of the location owner/operator
    • Unmasking dispensations are to be kept strictly to the fixed cast of onscreen talent/performers (not interchangeable with other non-onscreen roles) for the entire production; the onscreen talent/performers should resume wearing a mask as soon as possible

In mask-wearing settings, photography professionals/entities with SSIC starting with 742, or media companies with SSIC starting with 58-63 may conduct photography sessions:

  1. In addition to the guidelines for content productions that also apply to professional photography, persons whose photos are being taken are allowed to unmask temporarily only when the shot is being taken and must put masks back on immediately after the shot, subject to the guidelines of the location owner/operator
  1. For photography in specific settings (e.g. workplace, weddings and events), please refer to the sector-specific guidelines here

Freelance professionals have to be registered with ACRA, unless the business is carried out in their full name as reflected in their NRIC.

IMDA will be updating the Content Production SMMs soonest on the Filming in Singapore page. All content productions held from 29 August 2022 onwards must adhere to the above guidelines.


1 Public transport settings that require mask-wearing include all public transport (i.e. on MRT/LRT and public buses) and indoor public transport facilities (e.g. boarding areas at bus interchanges and MRT platforms).

2 Healthcare facilities and residential care homes that require mask-wearing include indoor premises of hospitals and polyclinics (inclusive of retail, F&B, common areas and other facilities within the hospital/polyclinic building), private primary care and dental facilities, specialist facilities, TCM clinics, renal dialysis centres, clinical and radiological laboratories, day hospices, residential care homes (such as nursing homes), COVID-19 facilities, testing centres and vaccination centres and ambulances and medical transport vehicles.