(updated 16 May 2021)

For media industry – 14 May 2021

In view of the ongoing COVID-19 situation and the additional Safe Management Measures for Phase 2 Heightened Alert from 16 May 2021 to 13 June 2021 announced by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce, (a) media content productions may proceed with the default numbers of up to 15 crew/talent on location (including no more than 10 onscreen talent who may unmask if necessary). It remains that all productions should strictly have no on-site audience.

(b) Media companies registered with IMDA to operate their larger scale content productions may proceed with 30 crew/talent on location (including no more than 10 onscreen talent who may unmask if necessary).
Other things to note:

  • When filming in occupied homes, this is limited to a cap of 2 distinct visitors allowed per household per day;
  • Crew/talent on location should have their meal breaks at the workplace individually or at most with one other person, in line with the community rules;
  • 1-metre safe distancing should be strictly adhered to at all times, including onscreen talent.
  • “Live” singing for productions allowed, with no more than 2 singers (out of the 10 onscreen talent/performers) unmasked at any given time, and must observe a 2-metre safe distancing from the next person, for the following groups of companies:
    • Companies registered with IMDA per (b), may proceed without any further action; or
    • Companies not registered with IMDA but are under SSIC codes beginning with 59, are to notify IMDA using the form available under the Resources section of the Filming in Singapore page
    • Please note that companies already registered with IMDA as of 8 May do not need to re-register.

IMDA has published the latest IMDA Advisory and Mandatory Safety Rules (see below) for the Resumption of Content Production on this webpage: https://www.imda.gov.sg/for-industry/sectors/Media/Film/Filming-in-Singapore.

This FAQ pdf contains additional information pertaining to companies not under SSIC codes in the Permitted Services list, as well as freelancers, independent filmmakers, students, and photographers.

We wish to remind that all productions would need to comply with the Mandatory Safety Rules and corresponding FAQs.


Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has updated a set of mandatory safety rules for filming activities during this period.

This PDF details out what you MUST DO:

Meanwhile, below are some practical guides and recommendations on how you can conduct your operations.


Put together by a working group of Singapore media industry professionals (including SAMPP) together with IMDA, this Comprehensive COVID-19 Safety Measures v4.2 document contains a list of practical recommendations media companies and professionals can adopt during this period.

Safe Filming Practices for Screen Talent

download PDF

Covid-19 Safety Advisory developed by Janice Koh & Tan Kheng Hua in consultation with the Screen Talent community and endorsed by the Singapore Association of Motion Picture Professionals


Here are some other safety recommendations for media productions from various countries for reference.