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Welcome Note from SAMPP EXCO

April 29, 2018

Welcome Note from SAMPP EXCO:

The Singapore Association of Motion Picture Professionals (SAMPP) has officially launched!

Our key focus is to provide a platform for professional development and to promote dialogue & engagement for CREATIVE INDUSTRY PRACTITIONERS working in Film, Television and other new broadcast media in Singapore - that is, for all professionals, be we employees, freelancers or company owners.

Since 2009, SAMPP has been engaging with IMDA/Singapore Film Commission and other agencies, in our filmcommunitysg capacity and also as the film+tv working group/sgmediapro. Now formally registered as the Singapore Association of Motion Picture Professionals, we hope to continue our work in the betterment of the industry. Some schemes, grants and policies that we have helped shape and consulted on, include the IMDA MES (Film) scholarship grant, the IMDA-SFC Short Film Grant & New Talent Feature Grant, the Films Act, the Arts and Culture Strategic Review and the Tripartite Standards on Procurement of Services from Media Freelancers (TS Media Freelancers)."

The big picture aim is to enable professionals to come together and be represented at the discussion table, have a stake in the future of our industry and to continually upgrade ourselves, so that there may be more longevity to our careers and also more sustainability for the Singapore creative media Industry, even as jobs and media trends continually evolve.

Join us and let’s help shape the industry together

SAMPP Executive Committee:
President : Jasmine Ng Kin Kia
Vice-President : Anthony Chen
Secretary : Lim Ting Li
Treasurer : Kat Goh





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