Aerial Filming / Operation of Unmanned Aircraft

The rise of unmanned aircraft (UA) or drones for aerial photography has vastly changed the media industry in the last ten years. Drones have allowed filmmakers to capture dramatic aerial perspectives without the use of helicopters. The low cost and accessibility has allowed for a proliferation of creative expression in all areas of media production.

It is important that the flying of UA does not compromise aviation and public safety, so ensure that you fulfill the regulatory requirements and perform checks before flying your UA.

For any commercial use:

  • A UA Operator Permit (OP) is required to ensure the safe operation of UA and to mitigate any safety risks posed to other aviation users and the public, when a UA is operated for business or for a purpose that is neither recreation nor education.
  • The holder of a UA OP must not operate a UA unless he has a Class 1 Activity Permit (AP1) for that activity.
  • From 1 June 2020, a UA Pilot License is also required.

The following link provides a simple quiz tool to check the permits required for your unmanned aircraft operations:

And here is the map showing the legal areas to fly a drone in Singapore:

Additional permits may be required:

  • Singapore Police Force (SPF) for aerial photography and/or overflight of security-sensitive locations
  • Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) for use of radio frequencies and power limits other than in IMDA’s guidelines for short range devices.
  • Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) for discharging a substance from a UA.

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